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Interested in gaining scientific management experience? Apply for our internships! We’d love to have you.

We offer a variety of scientific opportunities to work in public policy, program management, research and evaluation, communications, or graphic design. We also offer internships for students interested in office and workforce management, including opportunities in logistics, recruiting, and retention. If you’re interested in applying, please send us a resume and your best cover letter explaining why you’re interested in the internship.

Intern Testimonials

Director, NIH Office of Research Facilities

“The Ripple team did an outstanding job leading the Director’s monthly meeting. They were professional and engaging, and I am so glad they are part of the ORF team.”

Director, Division of Education and Development / Office of Human Research Protections

Director, Division of Education and Development, Office of Human Research Protections

“I wish to thank you all for your wonderful work in supporting the OHRP Exploratory Workshop! We wouldn't have done it without you all in the background taking care of the logistics and the tedious details. We really appreciate your work and hope to repeat our successes in the years to come.”

Task Manager, National Institute of Mental Health

"Many thanks to you and your team for your excellent work on the NIMH scientific coding assessment. We appreciate all of your efforts, which resulted in a great product to help guide our plans for future scientific coding. The results will also be of great interest to the broader NIH Planning and Evaluation community. You have been amazing!"

Serena Z.

I gained an invaluable and diverse set of communication and problem-solving skills training and working in a professional, collaborative team environment at Ripple Effect. I became familiar with health policy processes, collecting and disseminating data to help improve technological advancements, developmental research programs, and public health policies.

Caroline R.

I provided logistical and technical support on a number of NIH projects, primarily the HCP-LAN initiative, and for OBSSR. I was fortunate to work on cohesive teams, and learned the power of focus, communication, and independent problem-solving.

Kathy C.

Working at Ripple has been a fantastic experience. It has been great to watch it grow in the last two years, and grow professionally alongside it. The best part of interning at Ripple is that you are treated as a member of the team and given consequential work to tackle. I am glad that I have been able to hone my professional skills in such a supportive and exciting environment.