How We Use Your Information

During Ripple Effect’s interview process, you may be asked to participate in an assessment or two, depending on the position. Assessment materials and results will be considered confidential materials and safeguarded in the same fashion as employment applications. Within Ripple Effect, assessment results will be used exclusively by our hiring managers and human resources support team for use in assessing candidates’ relevant skills, as one piece of information in our interview process. We reserve the right to share the assessment scores with our government clients upon request. We may also provide writing, graphic design, or other product examples to our clients for review when candidates for a particular position will be working closely with those individuals.

We may also analyze de-identified assessment results for the purposes of understanding factors related to performance and improving our assessments. Your name and other identifiable information will not be included in these analyses. Results from these analyses will not impact decisions about your candidacy or hiring for this or future positions with Ripple Effect.

We consider our assessments proprietary information and the form and/or content of the assessments may not be shared with others outside of Ripple Effect. Assessment instructions, links, topics, or any other information about the assessments may not be shared verbally or in writing with other individuals or posted to sites accessible by others.