Our Leadership

Executive Team Leadership

Amy Bielski
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Pohlhaus
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards
Chief Financial Officer

Client Services Leadership

Amy Hein
Vice President of Strategic Staffing and DoD Accounts

Jessica Escobedo
Senior Director of Program Management and Policy

Moira Ragan
Director of Research & Evaluation

Photo of Heather Huntsman

Heather Huntsman
Deputy Director of Strategic Staffing

Martha Ngoh

Martha Ngoh
Deputy Director of Program Management
and Policy

Wendy Spillane
Director of Communications and Outreach

Margie Beaudry
Deputy Director of Public Comment Services

Scott Catey
Deputy Director of Digital Transformation

Sharon Nakhimovsky
Deputy Director of Communications and Outreach

Business Operations Leadership

Photo of Julie Lucas

Julie Lucas
Director of Human Resources

Bambo Bamgbose
Senior Vice President of Growth

Photo of Kate Williams

Kate Williams
Director of Project Management Office



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