Program Management & Policy

Shaping public policy is a complex and multifaceted process with stakeholders competing and collaborating to influence decision-making. Program management involves planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve specific project goals and objectives.

We work closely with our federal clients to spearhead all aspects of policy development and program management. Our team develops timelines and contingency plans and organizes and manages committees and governance structures.

Ripple Effect is Advancing Equity in Federal Programs and Policies

Policy Development

Stakeholder facilitation, work group support, policy research, policy language development and review, policy editorial services, public comment support, policy implementation planning and execution, and policy communications support

Project Management

Project plan development and execution, timeline management, task visualization, project tracking, budget management, and dashboard development

Grants & Program Administration

Grants management and administration, peer review facilitation, grants policy development, programmatic support, and scientific grant management

Public Comment Management & Analysis docket management, drafting of Request for Information (RFI) notices, data extraction and cleaning, qualitative analysis of public comments, and summary report development


Strategic Planning

Stakeholder management, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, requirements gathering, measurable goal setting, mission and vision development, and tactical planning

Stakeholder Engagement

Work group management, town hall meeting facilitation, stakeholder interview and survey development, request for information (RFI) management, and governance process management

Business Process Analysis

Business process redesign, requirements development, metrics development, process documentation and management, return on investment calculations, and economic analysis

Science and Health Policy Consulting Consortium (SHPCC)

Many consultants and small companies lack the past performance, business development expertise, and resources necessary to access and navigate the complexities of government contracting. Ripple Effect has established the Science and Health Policy Consulting Consortium (SHPCC) to create a path for federal agencies to access high-quality, credentialed and niche science and health policy experts—by using our resources to bring together and build a community of independent science, science policy and health policy consultants.

Our Program Management & Policy Work



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