Capabilities Statements

Ripple Effect's Core Capabilities

Ripple Effect provides professional consulting and exceptional staff augmentation for federal, private, and non-profit clients to deliver some of the most crucial policies and programs that shape our nation. View our core capability statement below to learn about our company and how we provide solutions for our clients.

Each of our established divisions speaks to our unique abilities at Ripple Effect

Program Management
& Policy

& Scientific Support

& Outreach

& Evaluation


Research and Development Support Capabilities

For the past decade, Ripple Effect has supported the DoD and NIH with scientific support services for the management and execution of clinical and biomedical research programs, administration, and evaluation of grant programs, regulatory and advanced development oversight, and training and public affairs. We have developed strong recruiting networks, created an 80-person on-call workforce for surge support, and established a consulting consortium for access to niche science and health expertise.

Mission Support Capabilities

Whether it’s a global emergency like COVID-19 or a focused incident, organizations need special expertise and support to effectively manage crisis situations and succeed through adversity. Ripple Effect can help you keep workers paid and employed, manage special policies, data and research, coordinate responses, find surge support workers, and more. View our COVID-19 and crisis support capability statement to learn more about how we can help ensure your mission success when help is needed most.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Capabilities

The Executive Branch has directed all federal agencies to advance equity for all through a systematic approach of analyzing Federal policies, programs, and practices and embedding fairness in decision-making processes to dismantle equity barriers. Ripple Effect has been a leader in this area stands ready to answer the call! Below we summarize our capabilities and experience in addressing equality for our clients.



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