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March 23, 2020
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March 23, 2020 Ripple Effect


Ripple Effect Launches New Policy Consortium to Expand Services to Federal Agencies 

Ripple Effect has launched a new initiative, the Science and Health Policy Consulting Consortium (SHPCC) to bring together independent scientific and health policy consultants and the federal government.  


Why launch a consortium?  

Government agencies depend on the skills, expertise, and knowledge of skilled consultants and contractors to help accomplish their missions. Many consultants and small companies, however, lack the past performance, business development expertise, and resources necessary to access and navigate the complexities of government contracting.  

Ripple Effect has established the Science and Health Policy Consulting Consortium (SHPCC) to address that gap—by creating a path for those agencies to access high-quality, credentialed and niche science and health policy experts. Together, SHPCC members will share knowledge, skills, and expertise as a unified network to solve the biggest challenges of government agencies. 


What impact will SHPCC have? 

Ripple Effect is working to win new business and expand its range of service offerings by building a home base for a community of science and health policy experts. These individuals can expand Ripple Effect’s current repertoire of subject matter expertise, allowing the company to expand its current contracting mechanisms.  

“We are so excited to establish this consortium to support our clients in finding high quality subject matter experts, while building networks and community among our outstanding members,” says Dr. Jessica Escobedo, chair of the SHPCC Steering Committee and Director of Science Policy.  

The consortium will also establish a hub for policy networking events in the local DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) Metro area. The focus will be to create a sustainable environment for both small and growing businesses to thrive, as well as to help all involved create the best products in service to federal clients.  


What are the benefits of becoming a SHPCC member? 

SHPCC members benefit from access to Ripple Effect’s contracting mechanisms—from GSA Professional Services schedule to OASIS Small Business and agency-specific contracts—and opportunities to market their expertise through a larger consortium.  

Members also join a community of other small business consultants for educational opportunities, including learning from Ripple Effect experts. Ripple Effect will foster growth within the science and health policy ecosystem by offering its business development expertise to members.  


Who can join SHPCC?  

Ripple Effect is seeking independent consultants and small, or ‘boutique’, business of five employees or less that meet the following qualifications:  

  • Based in the general Washington DC Metro (DMV) area 
  • Have past experience working with the federal government, either as a contractor, former federal employee, or consultant 
  • Have subject matter expertise in one of our target areas (visit our SHPCC webpage for more information) 

Ripple Effect recognizes that interested potential members may not meet each of the three criteria listed above; we encourage any interested members to still reach out to us to explore how we can work together. 


Join SHPCC! 

Ripple Effect is currently recruiting members for its inaugural cohort. Potential members can find out more on our SHPCC webpage, or email directly for more information.   

The annual SHPCC membership fee is $100; however, Ripple Effect is waiving the first year’s fee for inaugural members as a thank-you for helping establish this unique consortium. Fees will also be reduced or waived if a SHPCC member works on a Ripple Effect contract during a specific calendar year.  



About Ripple Effect  

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Jessica Escobedo 

Director of Science Policy, Ripple Effect



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