June 22, 2022 Ripple Effect

Medical Science & Computing LLC, a Guidehouse company, awarded Ripple Effect a subcontract for the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) Scientific, Operations, and Administrative Resources (SOAR) contract. The five-year contract will support biomedical and scientific research projects throughout the NIH.

“Ripple is an ideal partner and awardee for the SOAR contract,” said Heather Huntsman, Ripple Effect’s Deputy Director of Strategic Staffing. “We were chosen, in part, because of our vast, deep scientific knowledge. Most of our scientific staff have advanced degrees and expertise in this space. Plus, we have a proven record at the NIH with experience supporting 15 of the Institutes and Centers.”

As a part of this contract vehicle, Ripple Effect supports science policy, clinical research, communications and graphics, program analysis, and administration across all of the NIH’s different Institutes and Centers.

Huntsman also noted that Ripple Effect has “deep and diverse scientific networks, and the SOAR contract provides another opportunity to leverage them.” The contract allows Ripple Effect’s Strategic Staffing Division to expand in all of our capability areas including: Research and Evaluation, Program Management and Policy, Communications and Outreach.


About Ripple Effect

Founded in 2003, Ripple Effect is an award-winning, women-owned, ISO 9001 and CMMI-SVC Level 3 business supporting the federal government, private companies, and non-profit organizations, providing diversified contract vehicles as mechanisms through which capabilities and services can be acquired. The Ripple Effect team consists of researchers, scientists, policy and data analysts, strategic communicators and more. Ripple Effect staffs and delivers some of the most crucial policies and programs that shape our nation. Learn more at www.rippleeffect.com.



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