OHRP Web-based Training Course for IRB Professionals


    Health and Human Services / Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)


    OHRP Web-based Training Course for IRB Professionals


Ripple Effect developed a comprehensive training for the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) for the research community on human research protections based on the requirements of the revised Common Rule, which sets federal policy for the protection of human subjects in research.

Hosting of Web-Based Training Courses

This training series is hosted in the Communication and Outreach area of the OHRP website with all content developed for government websites, the pages have been optimized for 508c for use by a universal audience.

Modifications and Updates to the Web-Based Training Courses

We worked with OHRP to ensure the best solution for modification and updates to this training. The result was the use of Drupal template pages which allow for smooth textual and graphical changes as new policy updates occur.

Comprehensive Web-based Training Courses for IRB Professionals

Ripple Effect created a self-guided, 508c-compliant course designed to help a specific set of stakeholders associated with Institution Review Boards (IRB) understand the new policy established in the Revised Common Rule. Ripple Effect’s team of instructional system designers, graphic designers, and writers worked with OHRP’s staff to determine relevant content and how to best present it. The collaboration of subject matter expertise and technical skills allowed us to develop a training module, which was segmented into four chapters, that was ideally organized for the learner, thus maximizing comprehension. A printable completion certificate is available so viewers can document completion for their records.

User Role and Privilege Management

This training is publicly available but contains custom content with graphical indicators for the four different stakeholder groups: IRB reviewers, IRB administrators, Investigators, and Institutional Officials. We presented a future version for this training to OHRP, including branching by stakeholder group for additional custom content and added interactivity and video content. The concept also included a more robust evaluation with survey-style questions, sorting and matching exercises, and scenario-based knowledge checks.



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