June 26, 2019 Ripple Effect



We’re proud of our people here. Ripplers are constantly learning, training, and jumping into new opportunities to improve, both professionally and personally. It’s with that spirit of curiosity and growth that we welcome you to Lifelong Learning Month!

Throughout July, we’ll celebrate this essential value of our company by featuring stories and perspectives on how Ripplers learn, build skills, work smarter, and perform better.

We’ll be updating this blog post throughout the month as we publish new Lifelong Learning content. Expect feature interviews of some of our brightest thinkers and learners, Q&A discussions, Ripple recommendations, and a few fun surprises.

So don your thinking cap and stay tuned for great content. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and keep your eye out for the #LifelongLearning hashtag.



Ripple Roundtable: Lifelong Learning

There’s no one path to becoming a Lifelong Learner. Recently, a group of Ripplers sat down to discuss how they’ve grown in their lives and careers, and what they hope to learn in the future. Read how some of our brightest people, spanning a wide mix of skills and experiences, got to where they are in this Ripple Roundtable.



Asher Beckwitt: “You Are Where You’re Supposed to Be”

Asher Beckwitt makes connections that no one else can. In this interview, she spoke with us about her humanistic outlook, entrepreneurship, her 16-track mind, and why she spends so much time in the water. Read it here.



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