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Leadership Month

Leadership Month

  • Posted by Ripple Effect
  • On October 2, 2019




Throughout our lives, we’re all constantly affected by those who mentor us. That’s why Ripple Effect values leadership at every level, relationships where we go the extra mile to help one another and steer our teams in the right direction. All month long, we will highlight the ways that Ripplers have grown as leaders, learned from great ones, and how we all strive to work smarter and perform better in our lives. Welcome to Leadership Month and get ready for great content!


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Ripple Roundtable: Junior Employee Perspectives on Leadership


Leadership is everywhere at Ripple Effect, from how our Directors guide our projects and personal development to how our junior staff spark new ways of thinking and solving problems. Recently, we rounded up a group of our younger Ripplers to capture how they view and value leadership, and what lessons they will carry forward as they grow in their careers. Read what they had to say in this Ripple Roundtable here.



Ripple Roundtable: Senior Employee Perspectives on Leadership


Earlier in Leadership Month, we got a glimpse into how our junior Ripplers view and value leadership. So, naturally, we rounded up our senior leaders as well to answer questions on these same topics, from guiding our projects and people to lifting our company to the next level. Read their thoughts in our new Ripple Roundtable here.



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