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Celebrating 20 Years | Ripple Effect, Work Smarter. Perform Better.

In 2003, Ripple Effect set up shop in the federal contracting space with an emphasis on health and science. In August 2023, the award-winning woman-owned company will mark its 20th anniversary supporting the federal government, private industry, and non-profit organizations. Its 200+ researchers, scientists, policy and data analysts, and strategic communicators continue to ramp up as necessary to meet the changing needs of clients.

“The secret to the company’s success is right in the name,” said founder and CEO Amy Bielski. “Ripple Effect is the collective action and work ethic of every single employee making small, positive waves on which we build better and more successful relationships with our clients. Better relationships yield better outcomes for all.”

The company internalized a Work Smarter Perform Better® mantra to build its reputation as an agile, outcome-based, and client-centric organization. According to Bielski, working in this way has helped the company grow and allowed clients to achieve greater success that contributes to the health and well-being of their agencies and the nation. Ripple Effect’s areas of expertise include Program Management and Policy, Communications and Outreach, Research and Evaluation, Digital Transformation, and Strategic Staffing.

Bielski became interested in the health field after overcoming a childhood illness. Being treated at a research hospital helped her develop an appreciation for the work that physicians and scientists do side-by-side. She saw how treatment protocols were improved and timetables were shortened because of ongoing research. She eventually earned a business degree and began working for a small government contractor on a health-related project. While working on a client site, she met biochemist and science policy expert Jennifer Pohlhaus. When Bielski established Ripple Effect, Pohlhaus joined as the COO. “We share core values but see things a little differently” said Bielski. “Our similarities and our differences make us a powerful team.”

Company Climate

From the start, Ripple Effect built an employee-first culture that encourages life-long learning, flexibility, and adaptability. The company places an emphasis on meeting its employees where they are in their lives, enabling them to work in a variety of capacities from full-time to part-time to on-call with maximum flexibility to work the hours when they are most productive. The company offers a tailored total rewards package, personalized benefits structures, and competitive compensation options. Ripple Effect maintains a progressive and engaging environment that invites staff to bring their whole selves to work. Its DEIA policy ensures that all employees feel empowered and respected.

Making More Waves — The Next 20 Years

While nobody can predict the future, Ripple Effect’s leadership and employees are optimists who consider themselves to be positive wave makers and understand that sustained action pays off. The company continues to expand subject matter and technical expertise, gauge and analyze industry trends, and educate employees to serve the ever-shifting needs of current clients while branching out to identify new opportunities. Ripple Effect has already begun to catch the next wave of innovation for the next 20 years and beyond.



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