Interactive Tool to Accelerate Payment Reform


    Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCP LAN)


From 2015-2018, the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN) defined frameworks and standards, measured annual progress,  convened multi-stakeholder work groups and Summits, and published white papers to help health care payment stakeholders move towards value-based care. To truly transform payments, however, the LAN needed to develop practical tools and resources to accelerate alternative payment model (APM) adoption.

Strategic Solution

To empower the public and private sectors with these tools, the LAN developed and Published the Roadmap for Driving High Performance in Alternative Payment Modelsor the APM Roadmap. The Roadmap is an interactive web-based tool containing the most current strategies and promising practices for designing and implementing successful APMs. Built on insights from payers and providers from small and large plans, the Roadmap offers practical guidance for designing APMs, collaborating to transform care delivery, and delivering person-centered care. We paired the Roadmap release with a live webinar, educational video series, and downloadable resources to help stakeholders transition to APMs.


Since its release in May 2019, the Roadmap has been viewed nearly 23,000 times online and downloaded by thousands of stakeholders. The 2019 LAN Summit was designed to align with the Roadmap’s three domains: APM Design, Payer-Provider Collaboration, and Person-Centered Care. Along with the LAN’S APM Framework, the Roadmap has become the industry standard for designing and implementing successful APMs.



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