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    Military Infectious Diseases Research Program (MIDRP)


The Military Infectious Diseases Research Program (MIDRP) manages research for the DoD on naturally occurring infectious diseases with a focus on protecting the warfighter through development of vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, and vector control. MIDRP’s research and development leads to the fielding of effective, improved means of protection and treatment to maintain maximal global operational capability with minimal morbidity and mortality. MIDRP’s research and development efforts are in the areas of microbiology, vaccinology, immunology, and infectious diseases, and its capabilities include basic science, pre-clinical product optimization, advanced animal model development, clinical trials, and final translation of products.

Admin and Technical Support

Ripple Effect provides administrative, scientific, technical, and technology assessment services to support MIDRP. Ripple Effect Portfolio Area Managers provide research and development support services by developing program objectives and priorities; managing and allocating research funds for research laboratories and activities; providing means for external and internal review and monitoring of research plans, activities, and accomplishments; and responding to taskings and requests from higher headquarters and oversight agencies regarding MIDRP activities. They ensure regulatory processes are followed for all basic research and clinical trials and work with Army laboratories and transition partners to ensure research outcomes are directly able to translate to improved operational effectiveness and warfighter health outcomes.

Program Support

Ripple Effect staff oversee all of the programmatic efforts, utilizing their specialized scientific and technical knowledge, regulatory know how, and program analysis skills. They have brought value to MIDRP in identifying existing technologies to speed scientific advances, facilitating award funding and research advancement, and reporting to Army, DoD, and Congressional taskers on important advances.



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