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    NIH Office of Extramural Research


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant application process can be daunting and complicated for applicants to navigate. Because the instructions and application requirements vary by type of grant application, the NIH was maintaining several different versions of the application guides to suit the different grant mechanisms. Our challenge was to create an easy-to-follow, consolidated guide that would meet the needs of both applicants and staff.

Strategic Solution

We consolidated all content into an XML-based platform, allowing for maximum flexibility in how the information was made available to applicants. Through the use of custom tagging and coding, we created a single source of information that was published on a variety of platforms (PDF, HTML) and offered filtered views targeted to different types of applicants.


The updated guide has helped enhance the clarity of the NIH grant application instructions, resulting in a more streamlined process and positive feedback from the applicant community.



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