5 stars

Great People, Great Work-Life Balance

The C-Suite is interested in hearing from all employees and values their input. Lots of opportunities to stay involved in the culture (happy hour, trivia night). Regular lunch-hour forums are available to talk to various leadership teams. Outstanding work-life balance, flexible hours, and support from the team.

5 stars

Found My People at Ripple Effect

The Work Smarter, Perform Better tag is a reality at Ripple, as well as embracing Failing Forward. I have the opportunity to work across divisions and levels and see the curiosity and intelligence my colleagues. It is refreshing to have leadership who wants to continue learning and supports my growth. But also recognizes what is realistic to get done in a certain timeline and provides support to me and my team. I am excited about the opportunities I have and to be a part of the company’s continued growth. I love being around folks who hold themselves accountable and are supportive of each other.

5 stars

Great company, wonderful people, good benefits!

Ripple Effect has been an amazing company to work for and has provided endless, valuable learning opportunities. With hands-on experience, company-paid professional development opportunities, and a good career planning program, I feel I have been provided with an excellent opportunity to strengthen my personal skill set while also growing and developing my career within the company. The benefits are comprehensive, and the flexibility has been incredibly helpful in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. As a part-time student and full-time employee, flexibility has been key, and I have had no trouble balancing work alongside things that are important to me. My favorite part about working at Ripple, though, is the people. My coworkers are extremely intelligent, talented, kind, and supportive, and going to work feels like going to hang out with family and friends. I always feel heard, supported, and encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, and provide feedback. Overall, my experience has been great.

5 stars

Amazing workplace culture!!!

There are many things that I enjoy about working for Ripple Effect. The work-life balance and flexibility allows me to take care of my family (guilt free) while working full time. Innovative use of technology allows me and my co-workers to make the best use of our time. The timely hiring process allowed me to begin work quickly after being given the initial offer. The easy onboarding process and supportive staff is allowing me to quickly get acclimated to the company and settle into my role.


5 stars

Wouldn’t Have Happened Without You 

The execution of the panel meeting over the past two days showed the level of engagement and exacting detail you put into making this a success. I am extremely happy with our final product and the entire process. This wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you again for your devotion to our mission. I wanted you to know that it’s appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. 

5 stars

Could Not Be More Pleased  

The dashboard is fantastic!  I cannot wait to demo it this week. I could not be more pleased.  Great work! 

5 stars

The Feedback We Needed  

Digging into edits—they rock!!! This is exactly the feedback we needed to make this report better.

5 stars

Zero Need for Direction   

There was zero need for technical direction or problem solving. In fact, early in the contract period, Ripple Effect identified needs and developed methods to further optimize the work. 

5 stars

Customer-Focused Approach Exceeded Expectations  

Ripple Effect conducted their work in a highly professional, transparent manner consistently throughout this reporting period, with a customer-focused approach; exceeding expectations on all deliverables, schedules and costs. 

5 stars

A Labor of Love  

Your responsiveness, intelligence, your kind spirit, made this project a labor of love. When I asked questions, you were consistently able to respond, and I want to say publicly that you were invaluable to this work. 



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