Strategic Staffing

Ripple Effect helps you recruit and retain top talent in a competitive marketplace by finding the most qualified candidates with the skills, personalities, and mindsets to strengthen your organization’s culture.

Our rigorous selection and talent development process produces better results for our clients: lower turnover, higher productivity, greater employee engagement, and fewer performance issues. Whether you need a versatile generalist or a niche specialist, we can help you find and develop them into a high-performing member of your team.

Deep Networks to Recruit Top Talent

Our networks extend across public, private, and nonprofit sectors and give us access to some of the most experienced, skilled talent in the marketplace. We’re always on the hunt for great candidates and use our connections to build versatile talent pools, from evaluators to scientists to program managers, policy analysts, and public affairs specialists.

Vetting to Find You the Right Talent

For us, success isn’t about putting the first available and technically qualified candidate in a seat, but rather finding the right candidate, the first time. Once we find a great candidate, we employ a thorough vetting process—one that looks beyond the basics in a resume and focuses on deeper qualities and capabilities—to ensure you get quality, not just qualified, staff.

Developing an Engaged Workforce

People we hire are more than just staff in seats. They’re a part of your team, integrated into your mission and equally a part of our culture at Ripple Effect. That’s why we continuously support and develop the people we place. We connect them directly to our Ripple Effect subject matter experts to mentor, share best practices, and build camaraderie—meaning your workforce is always learning, growing, and improving.

Retaining the Best Talent

The right combination of challenging, meaningful work, and competitive, rewarding compensation is essential to keeping any great employee. So we invest not only in the personal development and growth of those we hire, but in their total employment experience, from flexible financial compensation options to personalized benefits tailored to meet their needs.

Flexible Hiring to Align with Your Goals

We believe that meeting people where they are—providing an environment and structure that supports personal and professional priorities—produces smarter, better work. That’s why we customize our hiring statuses, from full-time to temporary, part-time to on-call, on-site to remote arrangements. Whoever your mission requires, whenever or wherever, we can staff them.

A Wide Range of Subject Matter Experts

We help you find experts across a range of functional capabilities, from program managers to budget analysts to IT and policy support staff. Ripple Effect’s core capabilities in communications & outreach, program management & policy, and research & evaluation give us a wide, yet focused lens through which to evaluate, mentor, and develop talent.

What Makes Our Staffing Solutions Unique?

Our recruiting philosophy centers on helping clients work smarter and perform better, and we do that by working with them to find and keep the best people, no matter the position. And we really know our clients and subject areas. Our consulting teams understand the missions of the agencies we support, and have a pulse on their present and future needs. Because of that knowledge, we specialize in finding niche candidates—those with specific, hard-to-find skills who may not show up in recruiting searches or fit neatly into job requisition demands.

Areas of Our Expertise:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Research
  • Grants Management and Administration
  • Research, Evaluation, and Data Science
  • Communications and Public Affairs
  • Policy Support and Compliance
  • Peer Review Support
  • Business and Financial Management
  • Information Technology
  • On and Off-Site Staffing Services
  • Outsourcing and Consulting Solutions
  • Temporary and Remote Solutions


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